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This page updated 8/22/01

Flag Wave

Sigma Links by Collegiate Chapter

Alpha - Longwood College

Mu - Truman State University

Nu - Central Missouri State University

Rho - Florida State University (1)

Rho - Florida State University (2)

Chi - Pittsburgh State University

Pi - Emporia State University

Psi - Marshall University

Alpha Beta - Kent State University

Alpha Gamma - Fort Hays State University (1)

Alpha Gamma - Fort Hays State University (2)

Alpha Zeta - Northwestern State University

Alpha Nu - Southern Illinois University

Alpha Xi - University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

Alpha Omicron - University of Central Arkansas

Alpha Pi - Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Alpha Rho - Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania

Alpha Upsilon - James Madison University

Alpha Phi - Central Michigan University

Alpha Psi - Eastern Illinois University

Alpha Chi - Murray State University

Beta Beta - Southwest Missouri State University

Beta Gamma - Ball State University (1)

Beta Gamma - Ball State University (2)

Beta Delta - Shepherd College

Beta Epsilon - Western Illinois University

Beta Kappa - Arizona State University (1)

Beta Kappa - Arizona State University (2)

Beta Pi - University of Wisconsin, Stout

Beta Tau - University of Detroit, Mercy

Beta Upsilon - Penn State University

Gamma Beta - East Carolina University

Gamma Kappa - Marietta College

Gamma Lambda - University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

Gamma Mu - Southeastern Louisiana University

Gamma Xi - Barton College

Gamma Pi -University of Wisconsin, River Falls

Gamma Rho - Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

Gamma Psi - Morehead State University

Delta Beta - Elon College

Delta Delta - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Delta Theta - University of North Carolina, Pembroke

Delta Nu - Franklin and Marshall College

Delta Pi - Winthrop University

Delta Upsilon - Widener University

Delta Chi - University of Virginia

Delta Psi - St. Joseph's University

Epsilon Alpha - California State University, Hayward

Epsilon Beta - University of Arkansas, Monticello

Epsilon Gamma - Grand Valley State University

Epsilon Epsilon - The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

Epsilon Zeta - Southern Arkansas University

Epsilon Eta - East Stroudsburg University

Epsilon Theta - Oglethorpe University

Epsilon Iota - St. Mary's University

Epsilon Kappa - University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

Epsilon Mu - Rowan University

Epsilon Nu - University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Epsilon Omicron - Illinois State University

Epsilon Pi - Presbyterian College

Epsilon Rho - Minnesota State University, Mankato

Epsilon Sigma - Virginia Commonwealth University

Epsilon Phi - University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Epsilon Chi - Northeastern State University

Epsilon Psi - Rochester Institute of Technology

Zeta Beta - Cameron University

Zeta Gamma - SE Oklahoma State University

Zeta Delta - State University of New York, Oneonta

Zeta Epsilon - Florida International University

Zeta Eta - Winona State University

Zeta Theta - Idaho State University

Zeta Mu - University of Alaska Fairbanks

Zeta Omicron - Seton Hall University

Zeta Sigma - Duquesne University (1)

Zeta Sigma - Duquesne University (2)

Zeta Tau - Missouri Western State University

Zeta Upsilon - Fitchburg State College

Zeta Chi - Coastal Carolina University

Zeta Psi - College of New Jersey

Eta Beta - Newberry College

Eta Gamma - Eastern Washington University College

Eta Eta - Lynn University

Eta Theta - Gustavus Adolphus College

Eta Kappa - Texas Woman's University

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