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Hospital Wish List

Art gum erasers

Baggies of collage materials to make cards

Beach balls

Bright tissue paper

Bubble Bottles

Coloring pages

Coloring books

Craft supplies

Craft collage kits

Crayons small boxes 8 color

Cut out animals on cloth

Easy projects/no needles

Embroidery floss (bright colors) for friendship bracelets

Glue (small containers)

Greeting cards

Individual craft kits for older children

Mobile frames, coat hanger type wire or heavy pipe cleaners so children can make their own objects to hang on the frame

Music boxes

Musical toys

Nerf balls

Paint by number books

Paper airplanes

Party decorations for theme, holiday or birthday parties or Disney Sesame Street characters

Pipe cleaners

Play dough

Pat holder looms


Rubber stamps

Safety scissors (right & left handed)

Sewing cards/lacing cards

Shape sponges

Stamp pads

Sticker books


T-shirts plain for tie dye and puffy glue (M,L,XL)

Tape cassettes (current music)

Velcro ball and darts

Water colors

Wind up toys

Wood toys

Remember.- bring at least one item to the December meeting. The holidays are here and it would be great to get it to the kids by Chanukah and Christmas.

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